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xx Please Help Fund Our Berlin Reunion! xx

December 29, 2012

xx Please Help Fund Our Berlin Reunion! xx

Hi friends, i would just like to tell you a little story of how all of us in the picture came to meet,
Last year me (Ryan, second from right) and the 2 friends on the right (Georgia, in blue, Andy, with chips) and the cameraman (Matt) decided a few days before New Years Eve that we wanted to do something new and exciting, and seeing how we were all broke we decided we would try to hitch hike to Amsterdam, to cut a long story short we were going to make a mini documentary about how hitch hiking is in Europe now a days, all was going well as we headed for Dover to catch a ferry to Calais, then we hit a problem, we couldn’t hitch a ride on to the ferry and they were no longer boarding foot passengers for the night, so we slept in the information office of Dover port. In the morning i Andy and Georgia went for a walk and found 2 Italians (one that had just flown in to the UK from Nepal the day before) that were also hitch hiking to Amsterdam, we decided to buy the ferry tickets to France, and from there we managed to make our way to Brussels, Belgium for new years eve on just the price of a ferry ticket. Not a bad attempt.

Unfortunately in Brussels we also faced a deeply upsetting situation, in the early hours of the morning in a quiet little back street we encountered a group of men who surrounded us and demanded we hand over everything valuable, they took everything, our wallets, our phones and our cameras. So all the footage we had taken and all the memories besides this one picture that was uploaded to facebook not long before the mugging occurred.

So simply put what we are asking for from each one of you kind souls is £750 which will be used to buy a new camera and put aside as some emergency money should we find ourselves completely stranded. This money will give us the chance to safely complete and document a 750mile hitch hike with some very close friends, and reunite us with the friends we met on our travels last year and create a magical New Years Eve we can all treasure and remember.
You can think of it like this, every pound you can give, another mile we can go 🙂


if you fund:
£1-£10  – “Sponsors ____”
£10-£25 – “Thank you to _____
£25-£75  – “A very special thank you to ____

£75-£200 – “Our Fantastic Sponsors that made this possible ____

£200 – “Couldn’t Have been possible without Pre-Release video and & signed photos live gps tracking.


We really do hope you can help, even if it is a small donation every little really does help and is greatly appreciated by us all.


Kind Regards,
Ryan, Andy, Matt, Georgia, Gerardo & David



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